Top 5 Highest Paid Female Athletes in 2013

In the past sports and games were confined merely to the physical and mental health, but today sports are a great source of earning income as well. Not only men but women also are taking very active part in these events and are performing brilliantly. The female athletes work really hard to improve their performances and then are paid with handsome amount of money. This article is an attempt to give the readers details about the highest paid female athletes in 2013. Since there is very serious competition at the global well, therefore these female athletes have to work really hard to get better results. Following is the list of top 5 highest paid female athletes in 2013, based on the amount of their net earnings in recent times.

1. Maria Sharapova, Tennis player


Total Earnings: $29.5 Million

Russian Beauty Queen Maria Sharapova Enjoy the First Place in List of Top 10 Highest Paid Female Athletes 2013. Her Net Earning in 2013 is $29.5 million. her huge Amount of Earning is Via Endorsement with Nike.

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