Top 5 Cool New Gadgets of 2013

2. Ricoh Theta


For you who have a quite high interest in photography, Ricoh Theta is a gadget that you really have to wait for. It is in fact a camera which is designed to be quite different from any other camera that you usually use or find in your daily life. The difference is a thing that is not only found in the design of this camera but also the pictures that it captures.

Ricoh Theta has a rather small design with white as the main color of almost all parts of it. The dimension of this gadget is only 129 x 42mm x 22.8mm. With such a small size like this, it is so certain that this camera will be so easy for you to bring. Even the size of it is small, it can store for up to 1200 pictures because of the 4GB storage space that it has. For the pictures that can be resulted from this camera, actually it can be said in general that the pictures are spherical.

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