Top 11 Most Iconic Sex Symbols Of All Time

Hollywood runs on sex and symbols – famous men and women who are strikingly hot. They grace the cover-pages of fashion magazines. They are stalked by paparazzi, and their lives are closely followed by the media. Let’s have a look at the list of Top 11 Most Iconic Sex Symbols Of All Time.

1. Marilyn Monroe


The very name spells sex-appeal. If asked who is the biggest sex icon of all times many people would give it to Marilyn Monroe. She has also proved that not all blonds are dumb. However, her cheerful, airy manner conceals a troubled childhood. The girl was moved from one foster home to another. Taking away the period of fame and wealth, Marilyn’s life looks quite sad. She had no one close to rely on, there were times when she was hard up for money and was used (and abused) by people she trusted. Ironically, men did not make the ‘most desirable woman of all times’ happy. Marilyn Monroe died (some say – was killed) at the age of 36.

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