The Most Interesting Hobbies of Celebrities

Each person has to have his hobby, which would help distract from the daily routine and relax. Hobbies can be different. For example: cycling, rollerblading, dances, skiing, skydiving and others. But hobbies stars are not always so predictable. In this article we propose to see The Most Interesting Hobbies of Celebrities.

1. John Travolta


John Travolta is an American actor, dancer and singer. He acted in such known movies as “Staying Alive”, “Urban Cowboy”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Grease” and many others. John’s hobby – planes. From age of five years he is interested in them. There are 5 planes in his collection by which he likes to fly. By the way, he has a pilot’s license and he can control the aircraft.

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