Hot Without Hair! 12 Beautifully Bald Celebrities Everyone Loves


If one lived in the Middle Ages, hair loss would probably be a calamity associated with ageing and loss of virility. But the XXI century’s studies show the bald scalp may mean exactly the opposite and many male celebrities debunk old stereotypes. Some men even shave their heads on purpose. Gone are the times of classic masculine beauty with chiselled features and a shock of unruly hair styled according to the latest fashions. The bald and the beautiful have broken into the Hollywood scene to help the average man embrace the natural processes.

1. Jason Statham

Britain Spy European Premiere

The famous dreamboat is one of the hottest on this list currently. He decided to take a bold step to tackle the receding hairline issue, and it turned out just right. Statham is a perfect example of the bald and the beautiful combo. Well, actually he does wear something that has come to be known as the buzz cut.

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