Celebrities With The Most Number Of Children

Active social life, associated with the world of showbiz, often leaves one little time to spend with the dear and near. Celebrities are notorious for neglecting their families and children. However, how could you slight a crowd of five kids or more? While many stars trade lovers like gloves, there are a few who seem to see their vocation in bringing up youngsters, occasionally even with the same partner. Want to know more? Go onto the list of famous people with most kids.

20.Taylor Hanson – 5 kids

Taylor Hanson

Surprisingly, the youngest of the Hanson band has fathered most kids – so far. Though, brothers are proliferate, too. Between them the Hansons currently have 11 children, five of whom are born of Taylor Hanson and Natalie Bryant. Quite a company – maybe, Taylor wants to start a family band of his own?

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