5 Outstanding Guys Who Look Better Bald

Men’s life is so difficult. Especially hard is  to live in megapolises because it is really full of stresses, polluted environment and traffic jams. Despite of this our heroes also must work a lot to become prince on white horse for the one very special woman. So not strange that men very often started to lose their hair in early age. Isn’t it a big reason for worrying? No! Don’t worry our future prince and be patient. We are going to show you how cool and hot could be a man with a bald head. Let’s discover some details about a few bald celebrities.

1. Andre Agassi


The best racket of the world is bald now. But in his youth he had a dense chevelure that was similar to the style of 80-s. But that is obvious because it was at eighties when he weared those lion look. Comparing his two hairstyles we could easily chose the best one! Of course he looks more respectable now!

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