5 Of Hollywood’s Worst Celebrity Neighbors

Everybody has awful neighbors, even the proverbial “neighbor from hell”! But my friends, nothing is as terrible as a wild superstar Hollywood-type neighbor. Here are 5 of the most noticeably bad VIP neighbors in Hollywood. On the off chance that one of these bad celebs move in next door to you, put your house on the market right away!

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is exceedingly terrible at just about everything – street racing his Ferrari, trashing out paparazzi – oh, and he can’t sing and he hasn’t been too kind to Selena Gomez either. So rest assured he would make a terrible neighbor. The Bieb presently hangs his hat in a lux condominium building in Beverly Hills, but probably not for long in light of the fact that the cops were called to quiet disturbances in his condo twice this during October. On an weekend in September, his exasperated neighbors called the cops 6 time in one night. They are so amazingly tired of his idiotic celebrating they may help him move just to have their peace and quiet once more. The Biebster is still a babester! He’s yet to grow up and show any consideration for others.

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