5 Non-Blockbuster Films We Can’t Wait To See In 2014

In this post you can find the list of 5 Non-Blockbuster Films that people waiting to see in 2014:

1. Gone Girl

David-Fincher-s-Gone-Girl-Has-Entirely-Different-Ending-than-the-Book.jpg 1389370594
Gone Girl is David Fincher’s theatrical follow-up to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and is based off of the best-selling novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn. It is essentially about a husband and wife who migrate to the Midwest after being downsized in New York City. Long story short, the wife goes missing and the husband is the prime suspect, but NOTHING is as it seems… In this case, Ben Affleck is the husband and Rosamund Pike is the wife. There’s way more to this story, but it is a bit confusing to explain in just one paragraph.

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