5 Most Amazing Bridges in the World


Bridges are wonderful pieces of architecture in and of themselves, not only providing crossings of water and over dangerous roads and cliffs, but in the best cases pleasing to the eye and the mind. Here is the list of 5 Most Amazing Bridges in the World.

1. The Confederation Bridge

Location: Canada

Total length: 12.9 km
Longest span: 250 m (43 segments)
Opened: 31 May 1997


2. Akashi Bridge

Location: Japan

Total length: 3,911 meters
Height: 282.8 metres
Longest span: 1,991 meters
Opened: April 5, 1998


3. Sutong Bridge

Location: China

Total length: 8,206 m
Height: 306 m
Longest span: 1,088 m
Opened: May 25, 2008


4. Millau Viaduct

Location: France

Total length: 2460 m
Width: 32.05 m
Height: 343 m
Longest span: 342 m


5. Sundial Bridge

Location: California

Total length: 213 m
Width: 7 m
Opened: July 4, 2004