5 Highest Paid Football Managers In the World


The world of football has seen an enormous rise in the salaries of both players in manager over the last 10 years with more money of Sheikhs and Russians coming into the European football competition among the biggest clubs to attract players and best manager is great.

So who tops the list of highest paid managers in the world right now? A few common names come to mind as Pep Guardiola has been unveiled as new manager of treble winning Bayern Munich and Jose Mourinho returned to English football, Sir Alex Ferguson has retired so who topped the list?

5. Carlo Ancelotti

Club: Real Madrid
Salary:    €7.5m


4. Arsen Wenger

Club: Arsenal
Salary: €9.3m


3. Marcelo Lippi

Club: Guangzhou
Salary:    €10M


2. Pep Guardiola

Club: Bayern Munich
Salary:    €12M


1. Jose Mourinho

Club: Chelsea
Salary:    €16.3m


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