10 Celebs Before and After Cosmetic surgery


10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo plastic surgery is shown in those two photos above. But you have probably mentioned that he is not changed at all. Just look carefully – his nose, mouth, cheeks and courageous chin are exactly the same. That is because kind of Ronaldo plastic surgery is more connected with teeth. Really his dentist had done the great job before the second photo was taken. At first he had no chances to make such a big number of fans adoring him. People could feel disgusting while looking at his awful yellow and curve grin. But thanks to God people will never see again Cristiano Ronaldo before surgery.

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  • Jasha Gutierrez

    Scarlett Johnson is a simple case of puberty.

    • Van Arneman

      Puberty doesn’t change the shape of your nose

      • Dani Kent

        No, but puberty + a decent make up job will. The make up artist used powder to draw attention away, that and the angle of the photographs are different enough that the shape is different.

  • Copenhagen23

    Pretty sure Ronaldo only had his teeth fixed.

    • tempy

      Pretty sure you didnt read the info.

      • Tor

        Pretty sure the info hardly makes sense

    • Van Arneman

      That’s also what they said.. ..

    • Vicky

      Pretty sure that’s exactly what they said!

  • Henrik Øelund

    No, I can see her nose has naturally changed into a different shape… – no corrections there!

  • Van Arneman

    They all looked better before. Pretty sad, when you’re so unhappy with yourself, you keep continuing ‘improve’ yourself. For what?

  • Subrat Jain

    looks like BS to me. Comparing photos from decades apart will surely show a lot of changes. Crap article

  • KuyaTino

    Scarlett Johansson was the only one looking better after.
    The rest was all looking their best in the before photo.

  • Leyla

    Learn how to write man :/

  • Jamie Canivet

    Looks more like they took high school pics versus new ones. Growing up does more than surgery.

  • Aaron

    Who writes these articles? An illiterate 8 year old?

    • grebnesieh

      right? dental cosmetic restorative procedures are not “plastic surgery”

    • Nikki Milian

      I think this is written by someone in India, that’s why the grammar is so bad. As for ‘feeling disgusting’ when looking at Ronaldo before having work done on his teeth, I feel more disgusted that there are people on this earth that would write such a ridiculous comment. I bet whoever wrote this article is probably much worse looking than Ronaldo ever was.

  • Boris Grappa

    Still a ginger..

  • Jason Carroll

    Honestly guys, they looked like decent looking people, then they looked like decent to slightly better than decent looking people after. Why are we making a big deal of this? These people are constantly in the spotlight, and they are expected to look a certain way. If anything we should feel bad for them for having to go through all of this. We shouldn’t ridicule celebs for getting cosmetic surgery anymore than we should ridicule overweight people for not being size 0. What we should be focusing on is that people feel happy, and confident, and proud, no matter how they look. I have four young daughters (all under 10) and it worries me that this is the kind of nonsense they are going to be exposed to. My daughters are beautiful. These celebs were beautiful in their own way before, and after, and anyone who has self confidence should be considered beautiful. And those who don’t have self confidence, society should try and help them gain that self confidence, because everyone deserves it.

  • Aryllia

    Was the writer paid by a fucking surgeon to put together this photoset? Every single one of them is finished by some kind of plastic surgery advertisement. “The refined nose makes her eyes look bigger” – my ass it does, was the damn surgeon giving you oral while you wrote that?

  • Vicky

    Is this supposed to be written in english. Good lord people, find a real writer!

  • Martin Alberter

    What a load of shit. Saying these women actually looked better after plastic surgery?

    I don’t know how to put this to all those people that think plastic surgery is awesome. It’s a real turn off, it’s easy to spot. I would prefer a real A cup over fake C cup, real thin lips over fake thick lips.

    Honestly, never mind the fact it is unattractive. I wouldn’t want to have a relationship with someone insecure enough to want to surgically change their body, of course not including victims of accidents, they are the only people that should be having plastic surgeries of any kind.

  • Mark Luscombe

    Haley Berry was a black girl? Don’t tell me Michael Jackson was once a black dude too

    • Sunshine

      She’s mixed.

  • beth wales

    Every single one of them looks better in the “before” pictures.

  • Caroline

    Ashley Tisdale got a nose job only because she couldn’t breathe out of one of them alright..

  • Sunshine

    Really people. You know, age and makeup do change appearances.

  • Lynette Constable

    I was not aware that braces or invisalign were plastic surgery. I thought it was just orthodontics. I had braces in high school. Does that mean I had plastic surgery??? STUPID!

  • ninusmer75

    You better find a job to do , I don’t know how do you earn your income, because here you really sucks

  • tania

    Although not too many, but comments (yes, including my own) fuels these articles. They are absolute drivel. Their relevance is what? That we get old? Those photos aren’t even remotely in the same league. One take before fame, make up, do overs, hair cuts, puberty. The other taken after all of that. Honestly, If I had millions of dollars, no doubt I’ll do a little face maintenance. These click bait, rubbish websites need to shut down. They influence young women and men immensely and their depiction of reality could not be further from the truth. Make it stop!

  • Julie Langston

    I accidentally clicked on this link instead of another ad that was below it, the curse of my wonky phone. I have so many thoughts on this article! What’s the point of it? Was it proofread at all? Why spread it out into ten different slides when it would have easily fit on one page (that ones been bugging me for a while, in regards to other articles)? How is judging anyone by their face okay? In regards to what they do with their bodies, whose business is it, but their own? I mean, just because a person is famous doesn’t mean that it’s okay to write articles making accusations and assumptions about whether or not their appearance is natural or something obtained under the knife! Besides, who cares? Is this really a thing that people actually discuss? >.<