10 Soccer Stars Who Are Notorious Womanizers

Tabloids would have us imagine that football and dating models go hand in hand. Since soccer celebs are just as desirable as rock stars, one can picture their paths littered with broken hearts. Truth is, most footballers make good hubbies. Only the yellow papers do not earn their bread with idyllic love stories – save the Beckhams, but take fashion into account. A few tales are hearsay – yet, no smoke without fire. Or is there? Anyway, meet top 10 Soccer Stars Who Are Notorious Womanizers.

1. Antonio Cassano


Flaunting virility runs in Italian blood. At the same time, sins of the flesh can get you into trouble – just look at Berlusconi. Antonio Cassano has steered clear so far. But for football, he says he would have become a gangster. Otherwise, he makes no secret of his carnal lust for sex and food. In a book about himself the man boasts of having bedded over 600 women! Also, he has weight issues and tells he could eat himself to obesity.

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