10 Most Shocking and Provocative Red Carpet Outfits You’ve Ever Seen


Ahead of a grand event, do you know what is any celebrity stylist’s real nightmare? Seeing their charges on ‘worst-dressed’ lists the day after. When stars glide in front of reporters lined up in anticipation, it is a brief moment of fame – or shame. This is why many red carpet looks appear bland, homogeneous and… boring. But from time to time the string of swanlike apparitions is interrupted by a crow. And that’s when it turns hilarious.

1. Micaela Schäfer at the Men in Black premiere


The naked fashion ‘trend’ is a bit slow taking off, but bold and beautiful stars die hard. Micaela Schäferin’s … err, dress looks like a bunch of tatters attached at the waist. Btw, it was one of her own designs! Not Elie Saab, for sure.

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